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How to get pregnant if im fixed

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Reanastomosis of the fallopian tubes can be done but it will put you at risk of a tubal pregnancy.

Stacy, I am glad to see that you are looking at all the possibilities here.


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Tubal ligations re-attach, and vasectomies do as well

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Hi Stacey, I have Compiled 5 Tips For you

Tip 1: Get Healthy

Learning how to get pregnant fast is simple if you are already healthy. If your health could be improved then work on living a healthier lifestyle. Cut down on smoking and drinking alcohol as these are linked to low sperm counts and increase the risk for miscarriage. Both partners should increase their vitamin intake and be cautious of environmental toxins. Males should avoid wearing tight underwear and excessive exercise. Caffeine slows down the sperm regeneration process and can increase the risk for miscarriage. Being overweight can also cause lowered sperm counts in males and may produce high levels of estrogen in women. Maintaining a healthy weight can really help you to get pregnant fast.

Tip 2: Have Sex Often

Another tip to get pregnant fast is to have sex more frequently. This may seem obvious but it is very important. If you and your partner are only having sex once or twice a month you are greatly lowering your chances to get pregnant. However, abstaining from sex for brief periods of time (three to six days) is shown to increase the volume and potency of sperm. Your best bet if you want to get pregnant fast is by having sex every other day for a few months.

Tip 3: Timing is Everything

Figuring out which days you are ovulating is critical if you are trying to get pregnant. A woman with a consistent 28 day cycle should begin ovulating 14 days after her last period. Making sure to have sex on those three to four days during ovulation is key. Keep track of when you get your period so you know when you will ovulate. Have sex every day during ovulation to increase your odds.

Tip 4: Gravity Helps

After sex you should elevate your hips and let gravity take over. To get pregnant, the sperm has to make it's way upstream to fertilize the egg. Keeping your hips propped up can help the sperm reach the egg faster and prevent sperm from leaking out. This can be done easily by putting a pillow underneath the hips and laying down for about twenty minutes before getting up.

Tip 5: Relax

However, the most important thing to remember is to just relax! So many couples get caught up in the desperate struggle to conceive that even having sex starts feeling like working? and it becomes a source of stress and anxiety in their lives. Many report that once they let go, relax, and stop trying so hard, pregnancy comes easily, without effort.

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