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I am 25 years old, build slim. My problem is I am having irregular periods. Because of that I am not able to calculate the right time to get pregnant.

One and half year before we got married. After marriage, my hubby was willing to have a baby. But at that time, I was not ready. So I told will think about this after 1 year. Now, I am also willing to have a baby but beacuse of irregular cycles I am not able to calculate the right time.

Plz help....





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It will happen when It happens, just enjoy having lot's and lot's of sex with your hubby.  You will get pregnant soon enough, so stop worrying about the right time.Smile

I was told to make love every SECOND day after your cycle for the first 15 days, then every THIRD day there after.  Do not make love every day as your hubby needs to make the sperm and you want it to be good quality.  This is what I have been told and I am trying this at the moment and also hoping for the best.  I know I am not talking from experiance but anything is worth a go surely?  Good luck I hope you have what you want very soon.

I had the same problem, irregular periods. And I tried this method and it worked for me twice (i had miscarriages though so I'm trying again) After your period do the baby dance 2 days after and every other day after that. When you are finished lay on your back with a pillow under your hips to give the little guys some help with gravity. wait about 10 minutes like that. That should be all that's needed, once they get through your cervix it's all up to them! Make sure you don't invert yourself too far because it can miss the opening and collect above, not doing you any good!

Good luck!!!!! Wink

There's a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which will teach you how to observe and chart your signs of fertility. Also a website called fertilityfriend.org where you can learn the same. It will help you discover when you are ovulating even with irregular periods.

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