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How do i fight cps and get my kids back from them

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Your post does not state why CPS came and removed them from your home, but with first hand experince with CPS in Texas I can tell you what you need to do.

First, remember this is about the children and not all about you! Children are only on loan to us and we don't own them. They are not possession!

Second, follow the judge's orders! If they ordered drug rehab, parenting classes, or anything else...do it! With that said I would like to add....take the advice and direction of those trying to correct whatever problem you had and apply it to your life.

Third, make sure you see those children if you are allowed to. Don't miss one visit! They need you as much as you need them.

I know of which I speak, I had my husband's 24 month old granddaughter living with us until we had to take her back to CPS. Why?? Because her meth addicted mother didn't get it. She has taken all the classes ordered, but refuses to apply the classes to her life. She made our life a living hell. She threaten and manipulated us and the system. So, please if you love your children and want only the best for them then don't go through the motions...change whatever in your life has cause CPS to step in. It is about the children not you!

I know your pain and no I don't think that you need to go into great detail of why they were tooken.  That is for you to know and don't have to share it with the rest of the world.  I disagree with totone656, our children are not a loan, we didn't go to the bank and get them.  Anyhow she is right you have to put the children first.  I would get a lawyer if you don't have one, they will be able to legally advise you when it comes to CPS.  They are like the cops anything you say and do will be used against you.  I wouldn't wait for the court to order it, you know what went wrong, so start taking classes.  Like Parenting, Anger managemnet anything that will help your case.  It looks better in court if you do it before you are told to.  Also follow any and everything they tell you to.  If you have visits be there, if you aren't they will say you don't care.  They might even make you leave the person you are with (not saying they will but it is possible).  Just show them you love your children and they come first no matter what.  I wish you the best of luck in it all.  I have been being told that it can take as long as a year.  Hang in there and don't let them get you down.  That is what they want, and watch who you talk to also.

My name is Angela Decker and I am 22 years old. I live in Lodi California. My boyfriend Aaron Roth and I both share a home in Lodi California, a cute and clean 1 bedroom apartment and we have a son, Noah Lee Roth, who is going to be 4 months on February 6th 2008. Noah was born on October 6th 2008 at Lodi memorial hospital. He is the best thing that has happened to the both of us. Aaron works at ST. Peters church/school as the maintenance manager. He started December 1st 2008. He loves his job and they love him. Me, I'm a stay home mother, at least I was. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 12 years old; the condition came out of nowhere, however it is controlled by medication. One of the emotions that can trigger an episode of epilepsy: Extreme STRESS and OR Depression. Aaron is a diabetic and has type1 diabetes. Aaron is insulin dependent, his condition is controlled by this medication and he takes very good care of himself, which enables him to take care of his family, myself and our son Noah. Prior to meeting Aaron, I was not familiar with the disease (diabetes), however despite our own medical conditions we have been able to live a good quality of life learning a lot from each other. Some people in the world may feel their different because they have a handicap, I do not feel that way, I feel we are all alike and everyone deserves to be treated fairly and without discrimination. As a young parent, as some would describe, in my mind being a young parent is actually a blessing. I also believe in god and that he would not allow me to make such decisions as having a baby if I am not yet ready to do so and I believe babies are a gift from the lord himself. OUR SON MEANS THE WORLD TO US.... HE'S OUR LIFE.... With that said, I am officially reporting and it should be so noted that on December 20th 2008, CPS took my son away from my boy friend and I, and the events leading up to that action are unfounded and unwarranted. I am also writing to report the un-professional, disconnected and zero public relations CPS staff has/is demonstrating are appalling and unacceptable. Myself and family members have been miss treated and treated unfairly by the state agency so named as Child Protective Services(CPS), but above all and most importantly I feel it necessary to report the neglect CPS and perhaps some doctors involved has demonstrated regarding the health and welfare of my son Noah Lee Roth. Example: My Grandmother is opting to divorce my step-grandfather in effort to maintain the squeaky clean living environment required in hopes to receive custody of Noah form CPS custody. In short, my grandfather, in his younger days did something very childless, nothing malicious, but apparently against the views of CPS as suitable. Again we are talking one small issue 30 years ago (streaked across the parking lot on a silly dare). To think my grandparents divorcing over this is ludicrous as they are happily married and would do anything for their great-grandson. What happened on December 20, 2008 and noted below will surely prove THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED to me and my family. My new wonderful life with our son had just begun and was brought to a halt abruptly and perpetuated any parent's worst nightmare. Noah was 8lbs, 20 1/2 in. Full head of hair and the cutest baby ever. Noah's due date was October 9th. But he came on the 6th, by a c-section due to my seizures. We stayed in the hospital for 4 days. When we were discharged Noah was 7lbs 15oz. He had a little bit of jaundice. But otherwise the doctors sent him home and felt he was ok. It took awhile for me to heal from giving birth, but Aaron was there all the time, an excited daddy. When Noah made even a peep at night, dad (Aaron) was awake and looking and checking over him. When Noah was 11 days old (Oct.17, 2008) I made a doctors Appointment, I felt there was something wrong; his right upper eyelid had more redness than normal. I noticed Noah had been grabbing at it and it looked swollen for 2 days. I contacted Dr. Stammers' office, we went in for a appointment and they prescribed Noah medication. Noah is now 2 weeks of age (Oct. 24, 2008) Again, we contacted the Doctor because he had diarrhea and vomiting for 2 days. My niece had a viral gastroenteritis and he was exposed to it, so the Doctor recommended we watch for signs of dehydration. Again, we were sent home with Noah. Noah is now 3 Weeks of age. (Oct.29, 2008) We took Noah back to the Doctor, he was still vomiting, Dr. Stammler stated Noah is ok and healthy. Noah is now 4 Weeks of age (Nov. 7, 2008), still vomiting after every bottle, so we took him back to the doctor (10-24-08, 10-29-08 and now 11-7-08) why haven't Dr.Stammler found anything? We changed his formula to soy milk advised by Dr.Stammler to add a small amount of cereal to the soy milk. Upon this doctor's visit, The Doctor also explained Pyloric Stenosis (which: is a condition that can cause your baby to vomit forcefully and often and may cause other problems such as dehydration and salt and fluid imbalances). Dr.Stammler said, if he worsens or persists then he will need an abdominal ultrasound. ON NOV. 27, 2008, we took Noah to the Emergency Room at Lodi memorial hospital at 12:45pm because his gums started bleeding. To my horror the ER did nothing, Dr. Ali advised us to cut his nails and sent us home. Noah is now just shy of 2 days of being 2 months old. We have been back and forth from several doctors' appointments and a trip to the ER with absolutely no resolution as to what is going on with our son's constant medical issues. On (Dec. 4, 2008) we took Noah to get his first shots, he seemed to take it well. However during the visit, I asked Dr. Stammler about Noah bruising so easily. I notice the bruising mostly after he wakes up and also after picking him up. After I reported my concerns, Doctor Stammler sent us to the Healthcare Clinical Laboratories to get a blood tests for Noah. Two ladies' came in by the names of Courtney and Patty to draw the blood form Noah, why it took two nurses to draw the blood from, I do not understand. They had me hold my son upward in my lap with my hands on his chest, while they looked for a vein. Courtney then asked me to squeeze him tighter; I just sat there and held him, (Courtney) then put her hand on mine and pushed. My son was screaming so bad I then turned and blew into his mouth so he could take a breath. They poked him 2-3 times in his left arm, 1-2 times in his right arm and 1 in each hand. They got a little blood, then asked me to come back on Monday or Tuesday Dec.8th or Dec.9th. I then came back with my friend Brianna on Monday the 8th, again it was two ladies' by the name of Courtney and Jennifer, and one was the same nurse from the appointment on Dec. 4th, the other nurse was one I haven't seen before. At first they were going to try to take blood while he was in his car seat. But, the nurse from the last time we came in, picked him up and held him, she held his left upper arm above his elbow while the other held below his elbow. They searched for a vein and they just poked him, they shook the needle around in his arm and he screamed while she held him still. They then poked him in his left hand and finally got blood. For the next 2 days or so, Noah did not move his arm in the mornings, he just kept it still. I called Doctor Stammler to make another Appointment as soon as possible, but then Noah started moving his arm that night, so I didn't take him. On Dec. 13TH, we brought Noah back to the Emergency Room at Lodi Memorial hospital at 2:38am. Noah had been crying, falling asleep and waking up off and on. The last time Noah woke up he cried a little, I saw a little swelling on his left side of his face, it looked as if something was going from his forehead down his whole left side. I immediately got him ready and headed for the ER. As we were leaving, we noticed under his left eye it started to bruise. While we were in the ER, I was looking at him, noticed his arm swollen and his hand bruising as if it wasn't getting circulation. I told the nurse to get the doctor, she said she would and she'd note my concern. The Doctor never came, therefore he never saw Noah's hand, but a nurse came in to gave Noah 2 shots to take the swelling down. They said it was ERYSIPELAS (WHICH IS A SUDDEN FORM OF CELLUITIS.) I didn't believe it is Erysipelas, but I know there is something wrong. They asked us to come back the next evening, we did on Dec.13th. They gave him two more shots then called the police to file a CPS report for suspected child-abuse, but the claim was without warrant. CPS did not take custody at this time. On Dec.18TH, I took Noah to a checkup because Dr. Stammler was out and I couldn't get one sooner. So Doctor Danni Basset checked Noah; she said he was fine and healthy. She checked his blood tests and it said his platelets were HIGH, and his white blood count was LOW. She told me Noah was ok, so I went home. Noah and I played for a bit, then I noticed he had diarrhea real bad so I gave him a bath; he got real tired, so I dressed him and put him down for a nap. Aaron came home for lunch , Noah woke up, Aaron then picked him up, changed him and brought him out to me. I made Noah a bottle, but Aaron noticed bruising on the inside of his right hand, Noah had it on his left hand before too. I called Dr. Dannie, she sent me to a pediatrician by the name of Doctor Ishi. When I met with HIM on Dec.18th, Dr. Ishi stated, Noah was fine and healthy and that he may have sucked on his hand which may have left the marks on his hand, WHICH made no sense as the area the Doctor was referring too, was NOT WHERE THE BRUISES WERE? On December 19TH, Noah seemed to have a good morning as he woke up at 8A.M. I gave him a bottle, and then Noah fell back asleep till around 11am. We played for a bit, he was full of smiles until about 12-12:30PM. Noah started screaming, I rocked him, I walked him around till he fell asleep, but he only slept for 15-20 minutes. Noah fell asleep, that lasted 4-5 minutes and I could only got him to eat 2 oz. Aaron got off work at 5:30pm; Noah was still crying, we tried feeding him and giving pedelyte. We tried for a while longer, he calmed down a bit, but I was still scared. So we went to the ER again, Noah fell asleep again. The staff in the ER at Lodi memorial hospital said Noah was OK. I didn't want to take any chances; I felt something was wrong, so I was adamant with the staff at the ER to take some type of action. The staff in the ER then took urine, blood and took 2 x-rays. Dr. Pak came in, and stated: "your son has A UTI (URINARY TRACT INFECTION)", so they gave Noah a shot. They said he would be OK with fluids. The doctor stated they would send a pediatrician in to see my son, but that never happened. I then asked the doctor if radiology had viewed the X-RAYS as yet. The doctor stated they looked at the x-rays and that Noah is FINE. The Doctor then sent us home and asked us to come back the next day for a re-evaluation. DEC.20TH, we received a call at 7:30am from Jennifer (staff member) stating we needed to come to the ER, that Dr. Saetrum needed to see our son Noah but did not state it was an emergency; it seemed more of a routine call. At 10:15am we were now on our way to Lodi Memorial Hospital's ER. When we got to the ER, I believe Doctor Saetrum called the LODI POLICE on suspected child abuse. We were told then and only then, Noah had multiple bilateral healed rib fractures LEFT side MORE conspicuous than RIGHT side. Additionally, it was stated a fracture to the LEFT mid humerus with some healing including callus formation as well as periosteal reaction. To date: October 17th, October 24th, October 29th, November 7th, November 27th, December 4th, ER December 13th, December 18th (2 doctor visits), ER December 19th, and ER December 20th. After the many trips to the doctors so noted in this letter and after being told there was nothing more than a digestive issue and UTI infection. At no time Between October 6,2008 and December 20 the 2008, nothing was ever suggested or diagnosed as the egregious diagnosis so stated by Doctor Saetrum on December 20th and when CPS took custody of our son Noah and where erroneous allegations of abuse were filed against myself and my boyfriend. As of February 5, 2009 CPS has not sought medical attention for the broken and fractured bones they claim my son has acquired or for any other medical reason(s). To my knowledge, CPS and VMRC sent Lindy (not sure of last name) MacBales from Valley Mountain to Noah's foster mother's (Sherree) home to evaluate Noah's growth and development. I believe Noah past a hearing and vision test, but I am told for 4 months of age, Noah should be reaching and grabbing more aggressively but does not. I have also been told Noah has muscle problems, which will inhibits his ability to walk normally. Noah had a doctor's appointment in Sacramento February 6th 2009 with a specialist to check out his ex-rays and his physical being. Reported results are: at this time the ex-rays are inconclusive. None of the current information as February 16th 2009 explains why CPS has taken custody of my son Noah. To my knowledge, CPS/Investigators have yet to interview any one of the individuals that I stated was ever around my son. Would this not be one of the first basic steps of an investigation that would succeed given the seriousness of the allegations against me and my boy friend??? To my knowledge, the serious medical conditions such as breaks and fractures have not been addressed by appropriate medical staff. I have the right to know my son is being taken care of and what those steps are, in writing: I also have the right to be notified of what I am being charged with as it relates to the alleged erroneous allegations of child abuse and what is being done in my defense. On march 26,2009 Noah was placed in the care of Aaron's mother. We get to see him once a week for 2 hours. We are currently finishing our parenting class. Our first trial for this is June 17,2009 at 1:30pm. I myself was asked by cps, to move away from aaron and they will offer me counciling, as long as i stay with aaron they will not offer me anything. I myself did not hurt my son and i know in my heart aaron is not capeable of hurting a baby, no matter how upset he gets. Cps states because he is a "male" and it's most of the time a male. Our little boy is our world our everything, with him not here hurts more and more every day... Today is June 8,2008, my son has been gone for 6 months. He just turned 8 months old he just got his first tooth in and it hurts so bad to not be able to be there to see it.. WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE, WE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING AND DOING ALL WE CAN TO GET OUR LITTLE BOY BACK AND FIND OUT WHO REALLY HURT OUR SON. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND WERE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER WE CAN TO GET HIM BACK..

Angela, my heart goes out to you and Aaron. My only suggestion at this point is a good attorney. If you haven't been appointed one by CPS (Texas does provide an attorney for the parents, but often they are overworked due to the volume of cases) ask the caseworker if they provide the attorney for you and Aaron. If not then run as quickly as you can to a Family Law attorney. I know money is tight right now for everyone, but most attorneys will work something out.

What I find funny is you are suppose to leave Aaron, yet they put little Noah in Aaron's mother home? Yet, by your writing they are accusing Aaron of the physical abuse? Doesn't sound like the CPS in California isn't much better than those in Texas. The caseworkers will give you false information and take that information and use it pieces of it to prove whatever false charges they have brought before the court. Point in case, when the CPS in Texas wanted my child and grandchildren background checked to visit me, I told the CPS worker if I had to make a  choice between my child and grandchildren and a child not related to me, I would and did choose my child and grandchild. When I told the same CPS worker I did not want to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder to keep the mother and  her family from taking the child...guess what was in the papers addressing the issue.. you guess it. They piecemeal my words. Be very careful what you say. They will use it at some late date.

As a nurse, if sounds like little Noah has something else going on with  his health. There is something there, but I don't know what it is. Part of the problem for me is because I work with Hospice my pedicatric experince is limited to the terminal. My gut tells me there is something there which needs to be treated

Above all of this, keep your faith in God, the Devil is there waiting to hear you curse God. Remember it isn't God doing this to you, but the Devil attempting to take and get you to his side. 

 omg!!!! im in a similar situation, in short i'd like to say that i'll be praying and stay strong!!!!!! when i get time maybe we can talk longer and maybe help one-another!!! be blessed~~~!!

 omg!!!! im in a similar situation, in short i'd like to say that i'll be praying and stay strong!!!!!! when i get time maybe we can talk longer and maybe help one-another!!! be blessed~~~!!

Angela, as I'm sure you know, a child's ribs having been fractured is a very serious thing.  You said that you know in your heart "aaron is not capeable of hurting a baby, no matter how upset he gets." You do NOT know that for a fact. You can't be sure.

You need to seriously consider where these MULTIPLE injuries could be coming from if not from someone in the home.  Do you think someone is breaking in and squeezing your baby?  You seem smarter than that.  I know you may love Aaron but you need to seriously consider if you may be blinded by love.  If you want to see some stories about what CPS is afraid is happening, check out http://www.dreamindemon.com/

If Aaron gets seriously upset, has trouble countrolling his anger, and is as young as you are, he probably does not have enough self-control to peacefully deal with a screaming baby.  He may be pinching it or squeezing it when you are not in the room in an attempt to get it to stop crying.  Just some SERIOUS thoughts for you to consider.  Please consider these for your baby's health.  And if Aaron has ever hit you, or does so in the future, LEAVE. 

I belive that your son was not hurt by your boyfriend, as a matter of fact it really does not matter age. i was 16 when I had my first child, and I would never hurt him in any manner. As far as your sons injuries get your friend involved to write a statement for you as to what she witinessed the day you took noah to get his blood drawen. AND i think it is very unfar to state that Aaron is to blame(as done by kanli above) if you know Aaron well  enough to know he wouldnt hurt your son then stay strong, stand by his side, and let CPS know you are fighting for your son together as his loving parents, and you will not let them bully you into leaving him for no proven reason.... Also make them aware of the doc app you went to with Noah, where they pressed down on his cheat , while taking his blood..... god Bless you and I pray for your sons return....

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