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I'm not getting some email from my wife's yahoo ...

I'm not getting some email from my wife's yahoo account. For @ least t last wk she has been getting this msg. " Sorry we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. <jbeiro@aol.com> Mail server for "aol.com" unreachable for too long" ?Are u havin probs w your servers, etc? This is causing me probs. If u can't fix I'll have 2 quit using AOL!!

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Hi there:

For assistance, please refer to the instructions listed in one of the help articles below (depending if you’re using AOL WebMail or the AOL Desktop software):

If you’re using AOL WebMail, please refer to this article:

Unable to receive emails from specific senders on AOL Mail

If you’re using the AOL Desktop software, please refer to this article:

Not receiving email - AOL Desktop software

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