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Are any of George Washington Carver's discoveries of importance?

george washington carver - do any of his findings matter today?

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Well, he did work on improving soils with nitrogen fixing plants and their bacterial symbiots. The peanut plant was one of these he promoted to improve soils and it caught on big in the South.

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Sure. Carver is the one who came up with the ideal of renitranazion of land by crop rotation.

He was a pioneer in the development of biodiesel.

And he's credited with the invention of peanut-butter.


Not only that but there were the thousands of experiments, studies, and papers that in-turn led to the hundreds of thousands or even millions of further progressions made by others.

Scientific discovery doesn't exist in a void. Scientist work off the work of others.

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WOW! I was going to say his discoveries were old and outmoded. I was wiping the peanut better off my fingers so I could type and Wowzers! there was andrewcranky reminding me that George was responsible for my supper. Very relevant stuff. I guess I should be grateful to 0 the prez for the jelly.

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Carver's developments in agriculture far exceed the development of peanuts as a global economy changer.  Let us not fail to recognize genius where it works most brilliantly.  He also worked with tubers, Russian sugar peas, and other plants which turned the tide against starvation in the dust bowl of the 1930's. 

Carver also developed balanced chemical fertilizers.  Working with two of his students, he also isolated and then grew five strains of mycobactreria that stabilize even the poorest soil and allow it to retain water long enough for food plants to grow.

However, the development of peanut butter is not one of Carver's ideas.  Peanut Butter is the work of a Seventh Day Adventist named John Harvey Kellogg at his sanitarium on Battle Creek, Michigan.  His specialty was to bring the nastiest of old drunks back to sanity, with wholesome food, clean air, physical activity, and good religion.

One will only become a nasty old useless drunkard by atheism.  Curing atheism with wholesome and openminded thought, wholesome food, clean water and and clean air, has always been the greatest benefit to mankind.

Tuskegee Institute (Now Tuskegee University) carries on this vital work.  We all benefit indirectly.


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