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If a father is already paying child support to one ...

If a father is already paying child support to one mother, how much will the second mother get? Does the child support get divided or will they get the same percentage amount?

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I would assume that they would get the same amount as the first mother. Are you saying that there is a man who has to pay child support to two separate mothers? If so, they both will get equal amounts. One child should not get more then another, that's just unfair and wrong!

Overall, it's supposed to be the same, however, this depends on a lot of factors, like what the kids are used to (if your had a lot of money with one of the mothers and the kid got used to an expensive school and going to a lot of after school activities, you might have to pay more for that child so he can keep his regular life style), also it depends on how much you earn and what kind of agreement your lawyer can get you through a mediator or a court case.

Overall, just because you are now responsible to 2 children and not just one, doesn't mean any of those kids need to live without that money.

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In my state, child support is determined based on the income of the father, the income of the receiving mother and how many other children the father is supporting, If one mother is making more money than say the other mother, that may affect the amount she receives. Also, custody can affect child support. They dont make the Dads pay  if he cares for the child most of the time etc, so each child support order is different based on all of those and possibly other circumstances.

from someone who's knowledgable on the subject, it depends on the mothers expenses for each child and how much each person makes when child support is determined..i get 40/week for my son and 125/wk for my daughter b/c she goes to daycare. My son has no large expenses.

ex wife left florida with my 16 year old daughter without my consent  now living in costa rica  been paying child support and up to date but hv found out ex wife's other daughter using child support for her own use  so hv stopped paying  no one now lives in florida why would florida hv jurisdiction

what r my rights ?

ex wife and my daughter hv left the united states and hv moved from florida to costa rica without my consent i work abroad and came back to find this out  i am current on child support my daughter is 16 hv come to find out the child support i send has been used by someone else other than my daughter or ex wife  they left florida in august does florida hv jurisdiction over my daughter no one lives there what can i do

what r my options they must hv broken some law or laws and why should i send florida the child support when my daughter no longer lives there

If your ex-wife and your daughter left the US, they both don't have any rights to your money. 



good luck with the state of florida and stop paying child support.. My husband has two , now adult children, he was paying child support for . The children did not live with their mother , they lived between us and their grandparent(her side). The child support case was under investigation..the mother opened another case unbenounced to me so years later.two cases for hte same children .. so i was paying one and one was rackignup a bill.. . here i am in Ma and our tax refund was seized and my husbands license suspended.. i was told to Audit the account, which i DID.. managed to get the 2nd case closed.. however anyone i called about getting rid of the huge debt owed to the 2nd case.. i was sent in circles.I went from county to state and back.. no one could help...we ended up paying for those kids until the youngest was 23 years old.. taxes were still seized up until last year for the unowed debt.. and were told.. we are looking in to it. Now state of Ma is involved .. so Fla is dealing with them.. in the mean time.. they OWE us money.. try getting it back... ya right.. no one will take responsibility.. and Ma tells us Fla is like that they are all messed up... So basically my advice to you is SAVE everything.. get EVERYTHING in writting.. and seek some legal help as well..Oh and did i metion the kids were self supporting since they were 16 and 17.. nice hu.. and theyhave since told me she never gave them a dime.. remember they didnt live with her!!So she wasnt supporting them with it... she went on trips with her new husband..

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