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why dont white guys like asian guys? I like to consider myself a very good looking asian guy. Well, I'm not your average asian that's for sure. I'm taller, muscular and hairy. Aside from that, I ...

White guys who are from what we are used to who come from Western Cultures are not accustomed to seek the same sex else where and it may have something to do with acceptance.  In Asia, there are a number of reasons probrably because a majority of Asains do not support gay relationships or they the other person is already been told they will not fit into society.  If one travels to another place their are morals and standards that are placed as to how we should carry ourselves publicly and also advised privately.  The new change and the old traditional styles are still not broken into as far as same sex marriages etc.  Life no matter what we do or decide what gender we choose will have it's on place as to what society sees as normal life with what we all know in common relationships that are adressed with women and men (Couples).  It is very complicated and far more fetched to convince our Grandparents to accpect this new way of interacting and having intamate relationships with the same sex.   It is unacceptable in the eyes of God in terms of what various types of religions believe then compared to what they are starting to believe now.  I haven't seen anything or is am aware of anything said in the Bible about that.  It was never heard of.  I am also aware that it is not what we are outside that is important but we make ourselves to believe in if we are absolutely certain that the man in ones case is the one I want to live and share my life with for the rest of my life.   The other mixed message also is what the children are taught to believe in. It is a difficult process to tell a child that my partner is the same sex as mine.  Turn the situation around and then ask children what their beliefs or thoughts are about that.  No matter what country or state one is coming from.   For children they will view this totally unfamiliar to them and they will question why this is going on.  There are quite a number of personal friends both men and woman who are living together, dating, and also entering into marriage.  That is the reason why one would hesitate to go outside of his or her comfort zone when it came to same sex relationships.  To my opinion, these issues are no longer considered to be a topic any more like it once was before in past time.  If this is what a person wants in his or her life, even with raising children should not make any different compared to actually having a safe, secure and sound foundation when the over all scope of the same sex parent is both looking out for the welfare of a child.  In then we shall accept this idea.   Some family relationships are involved with raising children.  Adopting however is another issue.  Laws will vary from state to state.  In any case, if your attracted to someone of white race, then it is best to remain in that same comfort zone that has been established.  Remember just because gay relationships are not practiced in certain places doesn't mean to stop living your life or wanting to be any different because society does not see you fit for raising a family.  It took me many years to accept it, but it is really happening and I am also beginnng to see it in public or private schools.  Let's focus on what is important to safely educate the general public about relationships, but also to not forget that it took Mary and Joseph to lead our world through what we all go by and that is the Bible.  We'll we go to heaven? or are we already chosen to go to hell.  That is a person's individual perception of what ever he believes or wants to follow.  Not everyone is going to get what is considered acceptable.  I would rather be focusing my efforts on achieving rather than pointing a finger of ethnic groups in mind.  We cannot change a man who doesn't want to date a Asian man, but we can educate each other to what has been going on with one's life.  Even if they change again to desire a company of the opposite sex, the question still remains, is the couple achieving together or quaralling each time someone picks or tells them what they are doing is wrong.  Never mind that my friend, do what you believe is the right choice of what is already going very well for you.  And point on end.  Never judge a book by it's cover.



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