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Gas log pilot won't light good spark

I have a heailator gas log that I am trying to relight being off for the summer. The manual ingitor has a great spark but no flame. After holding the pilot overide button for a while I can smell gas but have no flame? How can I troubleshoot this problem?

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Had this problem and can hopefully save you a service call.

On my gas logs, there is a tiny hole, fully visible, in the tube where the gas line comes into the fireplace. The hole is located about 2 inches from the place where pilot light will be. Make sure gas is cut off to the logs. Use canned air (like one would use to clean computer) to blow out the lint buildup in that tiny hole on the gas line. Can also use it to clean the burners when gas is off. 

Pilot light lit immediately after the lint that was clogging the tiny hole in gas line was cleared. I've been told to vacuum the logs during the summer to keep the dust from gathering. I usually cleaned them in the fall and sometimes during the winter when being used.

Hope this is your problem. Cost me $50 to find out the simple solution. Most service people wanted $75+ to come to my house.  

Thanks alot, I tried this and it worked. I used a toothpick to clean the hole out and a big piece of lint fell out the back side. I pushed the ignitor two or three times and bam it was lit. Thanks again, Frank in Mt. Holly, N.C.

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