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What kills roses? Two of my rose bushes are not ...

what kills roses?  Two of my rose bushes are not growing this summer and seem to be dying.  Both of these were planted Spring 2007 and did well last summer.  In the Spring they sent up leaves and flowers.  Now they seem to be dying.  Any ideas?

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Hi there, Rose bushes are great & usually very durable, especially 'explorer' rose bushes. Hybrid bushes are a little trickier. If there was greenery & flowers on them in the spring, they were obviously healthy then. If they aren't doing well now it usually means they have something killing them. Their biggest enemy is 'aphids' eating them. They can kill them quicker than anything. Rust & overwatering, etc can also do them harm but aphids are the biggest threat. You have to be diligent checking for them every day. There's lots you can spray with to get rid of them. I used regular old soapy water sprayed on them every day. Good luck. Hope everything goes well.


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