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Can you grow tomatoes indoors during the winter ...

can you grow tomatoes indoors during the winter time .i have a tomatoe plant still growing cherrie tomatoes on it can i still have them growing in the house .and if i can how can that be done

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Yes, you can. You need to put them in a large pot, probably at least 4-5 gallons depending on how big your cherry tomato plant is, and give them tomato-appropriate fertilizer you can get at Lowe's. Also, make sure they get plenty of light. A regular fluorescent light will do, but grow lights are better. They sell those at Wal-Mart or Lowe's too. The soil should always be moist to the touch; don't let them dry out. You should know, though, that the tomatoes will not be quite as good as the ones you grow outside. We just can't duplicate the sun and rain! 



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Hi Jojo,

I agree with Tara, you can grow tomatoes indoor during winter. My additional suggestions are these; if you can construct a small greenhouse within your house premises, it's much better and safe. Just provide a light bulb in your greenhouse to provide light energy for the growing plants, if there's an area in your house with available sunlight locate your garden there for a better energy of your tomatoes. Natural sunlught is much better than artificial light.

Happy gardening!



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