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Asked: Orpinas art ???

andres orpinas art Metallic or plasticlike 48" W by 30" H, 3-D in 3 1/2 Deep boxed frame labeled " Dry Dock " on brass tag with his name written in lower right corner

Asked: Who is the best art gallery in Santa Fe nm?

I want modern art and all type painting for my art collection.

Asked: HOLMIS an artist

I have an oil painting by an artist named Holmis. It has been registered through DAXIAN ART Enterprises. It has a registration number. I am having a hard time locating any information on this piece ...

Asked: Credit card machine used at art fest

how do I get the machine that processes the credit card info at art shows/

Asked: What are famous Japanese works of art?

What are famous Japanese works of art?