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Garage Sale Clothing Rack Ideas???

Does anyone know how to make simple, easy, wooden or  metal, recycled materials, etc.  clothes racks for hanging clothes at garage sales??

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We use whatever is available to hang and display clothing at our garage sales:

1. If you have a storage shelf unit that is made of medal wire rather than wood, it can be used to display a substantial amount of clothing. The clothing can be hung from the shelves at different levels and overlapped to make room for more. The purpose is to allow customers to see a little of each clothing item. Make the most attractive items the most visible to entice browsers to look further.

2. Use a fence in your yard to hang clothing. This is very easy and allows customers to see the whole item.

3. Make a place to hang clothing by running a lightweight rope  across your garage and tying  it on each side. Make it as tight as possible. When you hang clothing on the rope, it will sag badly and the hangers will slide to the middle. To combat this, use clothes pins to anchor each hanger to keep it from sliding so you can space the hanger evenly along the cord.

Every house is different. If these suggestions don't work with what you have available, look around your house and yard with a creative eye and you may be able to find a solution with what you do have available.

Good luck!

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