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What did gandhi mean by the term "passive and resistance"?

what did gandhi mean by the term "passive and resistance"?

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An example of peaceful resistance is boycotting something.  A few years ago, a lot of people boycotted grapes because of labour disputes.  They just stopped buying grapes.

Passive resistance is when you take a peaceful stand against something. 

(A mother brought her eight year old child to Gandhi.  They stood in line for hours and hours in the hot sun to talk with him.  When they finally got to talk with him, the mother asked Gandhi "Please tell my child not to eat sugar.  All he wants are sweets and he refuses to eat most anything else!  I know he'll listen to you".  Gandhi told the mother to come back in three weeks.

Three weeks later, the mother and child came back and, once again, stood in line for hours and hours to talk with Gandhi.  When they finally got an audience with Gandhi, he looked at the child and said "Your mother is correct.  Sugar is bad for you.  You should stop eating sugar"  The mother, who was exhausted from standing in line in the hot sun for hours and hours, couldn't believe her ears. 
She said "I brought my child to you three weeks ago and you told me to come back just for this?  Why couldn't you have told him to stop eating sugar three weeks ago??"  Gandhi looked at her and said "Because, Madam, three weeks ago *I* was still eating sugar.")  true story.

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