Can you get gallstones after having your gallbladder took out?

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Yes.  Gallstones can also form inside one of the ducts that connect the liver to the small intestine.  Click on this link from MedicineNet for more information.

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Once the gallbladder is removed, one cannot have gallstones anymore. For more information relating to your question, see this web site.

I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.

Seems to me we have a conflict.  Your both right.  You cannot get gallstones in the gallbladder anymore 'cause it's gone. But, if the ducts are still in tact and not removed you can still get stones in them although not as common.

The answer is yes - sort of.  I had my gallbladder out nine years ago. This month I spent 10 days in the hospital in horrible pain, with increasing jaundice, until an MRI showed gallstones in my bile duct.  The GI dr said that they could possibly been left over from when I had a gall stone... but he had no way of knowing. Not very common!  After a CAT Scan, ultrasound, liver biopsy, and endoscopy, only an MRI (MRCP I think it is called) revealed the cause. I am totally pain and jaundice free 5 days later...

Gallstones have an effect on around ten % of grownups over 45. They manifest in almost twenty-five % of women in the United states. Approximately twenty percent of adult men have gallstones once these people reach seventy-five yrs. Simply because the majority of cases are usually asymptomatic, nonetheless, all of these rates may take too lightly the illness in older males. Gallstone diseases is somewhat unusual in kids. Adult females tend to be most likely at greater danger for the reason that feminine hormonal agent oestrogen influences a liver to get rid of much more fat from blood and then redirect this into your bile. Females of childbirth years may well want to select contraceptive using reduced estrogen amount to cut back this danger.Source:

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