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Can gallbladder problems cause cough that produce mucus

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If it's gallstones, no. At least mine didn't cause any problem but extreme pain. However if there are other gallbladder problems, I honestly don't know.

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Yes, not common, but it can in some cases.

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Bile can be described as fluid made up mainly of drinking water, bile salts, as well as fat. Bile is first made by a liver then produced via little routes throughout liver towards a duct. Starting from here, bile moves thru a larger sized tube referred to as common ducts, which ends in little intestinal tract. Then, apart from smaller sum which drains right in to the little intestine, bile passes straight into the gall bladder by way of cystic ducts. Typically the gall bladder is a 4inch bag which has a muscle wall membrane that is positioned under a liver. Here, a lot of the liquid (about 2 to 5 cups a day) is extracted, leaving a few tablespoons of strong bile. Your gallbladder will serve as a reservoir till bile is wanted in the little bowel for digestion of fat. As soon as food items gets into the smaller gut, a bodily hormone named cholecystokinin is going to be released, signaling gall bladder to tighten.

Here is a link that might be useful:http://www.thegallbladdersymptoms.org/

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