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Gaining weight after menapause

There are exceptions to every rule, and whilst many women find they gain weight and find it difficult to lose again after menapause, this is not always the case. Is this something many women suffer from? or are our 'researchers' just looking for something else to spend money on?

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As you mentioned, not all women gain weight after menopause however it is quite common. When estrogen levels drop, the adrenal glands tell the body to store estrogen in our fat cells and more of the food we eat is converted into fat cells. This fat is concentrated in the belly area during perimenopause and after menopause.

See www.menopause-symptoms-revealed.com/perimenopause-weight-gain for more information.

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Yes many women suffer from this. But because lack of knowledge, women treats it as 'oh, I don't have any chance to get slimmer'.

We shouldn't think of it that way. There are going to be several ways to avoid gaining weight on menopausal period. You can find additional information in related sites for menopause and weight in the web. These are the topics that will make make the women stressful. But there are several ways to avoid this. Proper exercise is a great help.

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