I gained 3 pounds, am I binging? My parents said ...

I gained 3 pounds, am I binging?

 My parents said it wasn't going to be easy to recover from not eating. But it's too easy! Now I literally stuff my face, and can't seem to know when I'm full, until I feel sick! I'm 5'1 and 95 pounds. On Saturday, I weighed 92! D: I had a lot to eat today!:

Breakfast: 1 mexican bread[marranito], whole wheat toast, scrambled egg white, whole wheat bagel, an apple

Lunch: smart mouth cheese pizza and a yogurt parfait

Dinner: rice, shrimp w/ cactus, natures valley granola bar and a banana


  Am I going crazy?! Or am I eating normal amounths of food? I'm honestly happy, that I'm not starving anymore, but will this go away? When will I stop gaining weight? My starting point was 107 lbs. I plan on eating healthier now, and having a smaller breakfast and dinner. Is there something wrong with me? My doctor said it is because my body missed and NEEDED the type of food teens should eat. It's also been about 2 days, since I haven't counted calories. Am i doing good? Or fixing a problem, and creating another?

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You're doing fine and I don't think you're eating too much. Your weight will vary throughout the day depending on time of day, amount of liquids you've consumed and so on. I think you could even eat more and not have any problems at all. If you're worried about it, then just try not to eat junk between meals and if you feel like you're eating too much during meals because you're too hungry, then try having a healthy snack in between meals to hold you over. I hope things work out for you.

I am not sure that I am in agreement with McMakin. I do agree that you are improving, but when I read your description, I still see someone who is out of control and is expressing this thru food. Now, if you have been in treatment and/or are currently seeing a counselor, then my admonition is superfluous. If you are not currently dealing with whatever issues that you may have, then I would encourage you to begin quickly.


I wish you well.



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The amount of food you're eating seems fine. But your obsessing about it does not seem normal. You're 5'1" and weigh 95 lbs. You should not be worrying about your weight at all. You could gain 10-15 lbs. or more and still be at a good weight. I agree with the previous answer that you need to deal with whatever issues you have with a professional.

You're doing just fine. Seriously. What you need to do is avoid extremes, either way. Everything in moderation. You're doing good.

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