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My wife and I adopted a little boy who has Class Two g6pd deficiency also know as Canton or Mediterainian. This is a metabolic disorder on the X chromozone. g6pd D. web sites give large lists of ...

I inherited my mother's G6PD (she's from canton region) and in my 27 years, I've never suffered prolonged or acute hemolysis or hemolytic anemia, and I ate everything (except broadbeans - never eaten it). Having said that from my research I understand there are degrees of deficiency (from a severe 10% to mildest of deficiency at 60%). In my view, learning exactly which foods to avoid is in my experience a trial-and-error process (since there are over 100 different mutations of this condition).  For example, I drink a lot of soy milk and never experienced any significant adverse reaction.  Any food that contains high levels of antioxidants would alleviate the stress of reduced red-blood cell protection that comes with G6PD deficiency.  Signs of fatigue/tiredness and extreme yellow urine soon after consumption of certain foods is not a good sign.

You will want to keep in mind a recent research paper linking increased oxidative impact of alcohol on the red blood cells of G6PD deficient people.  The impact is very significant based on the research results and personal experience (nothing causing hospitalization on my part though... Just extreme tiredness and tea-bag-yellow urine for a few hours... signs of hemolysis).  I only found this out recently after 9 years of drinking, and my health has never been better.



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