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Furious with Obama Yet ? Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 10:38AM by Bonzer Wolf Attention white, guilt written, left wing Obama enablers and the GOP who are both responsible for the totalitarian ...

Wide Reciever during the Bush Administration began in 2005.  It involved 400 guns.  The guns had trackers in them.  The Mexican government was involved.  1400 arrests were made.  When it was realized that the drug dealers found the trackers in the guns the program ended in 2007. 

Two years before this twerp Obama and his stooge Holder began Fast and Furious.

Fast and Furious began 2009.  No tracking in the guns.  The Mexican government unaware of the program.  Thousands of guns crossed the Border.  There was interference as to the local athorities to follow them.  4 Federal agencies and 10 cities and 5 states involved.  All ordered not to follow the buyers.  2 Border agents and 200 Mexicans killed.

Obama can not run for office or be Vetted by the Dems due to this mayhem and no tweeking the books will get him off the hook if he is implicated.

It is over, kaput, done.

Obama is out.


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AP Bush started fast and furious.

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