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What does FSH of 37.52 mean?qt=q

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Asked: Premenopause

Is an FSH of almost 20 premenopause?The woman is only 34. Is it an indication of disease?

Asked: The following hormones are easily detectable in ...

The following hormones are easily detectable in the systemic blood EXCEPT: a. GH b. CRH c. FSH d. Oxytocin e. TSH

Asked: Fsh low normal, lh high normal for male. What does ...

"I was tested for androgen deficiency. what does low fsh (3.23 miu/ml) range 1.4-18.1 and high lh (8.72) miu/ml range 1.5-9.3 reading mean for men? I ask this because these gonotrapids are usually ...

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Does nasal spray related to pre-mature ejaculation ...

I have no idea. Please ask your doctor.


I think you mean cineribus, which translates to "the ashes".

What does 0-25 or 37.4 blood test result mean?

I think you are looking at a test whose normal range is 0 to 25, and your result was 37.4 which is marked H for Higher than normal. What it means depends on which test it was, and sometimes on your age and sex. A sedimentation rate has a normal range of 0-25 for a woman under 50. A high reading ...