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(Hey My Friend wants a good answer to this so thinks)hi im light a very involved clique leader who atracts alot of guys for the main reason of i dont want to date them,well for 2 years i had this boy ...

Hi Garrett360,

Well firstly why is he no longer with his best friend? It seems he may want his cake and eat it too which is why he has gone from you to his best friend and back again so he may be looking out for himself rather than anyone else. I would think about who treats you best and who you could see yourself with in the future. Don't allow a grand gesture which may not even be genuine to let you make a rushed decision. Often, we will want to follow our instincts but in matters of the heart, it is best to think long and hard about who and what will make us happy-especially when we are too confused to know for sure.

Hope this helps :)

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