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How sad a commentary on leftist liberals.

There was a 'protest' some leftist cult held yesterday -- in front of a vacant building. They said who ever was in there was discriminating against blacks and women. That ...
  Posted 5 days ago .


What is your opinion , Hard Comparison between The Three main religions on the ground ? 16

-Who was luke ? ________The Father kaningsr alerts us that Luke himself admits in his Gospel that he will also create stories (texts of his gospel) about Jesus as the rest of the ...
  Posted 23 hours ago .


The missing link has been found! Atheism now has proof!

Is the missing link an ape or an atheist? it has to be an atheist. Apes are smarter than atheists, regardless that atheists all say their mommies are smelly apes and their ...
  Posted 5 months ago .


cost of breast augmentation surgery

What may be cost of doing a breast augmentation surgery?
  Posted 10 months ago .
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Who will replace Julia Pierson as head of the U S Secret Service??

Julia Pierson, head of the U S Secret Service, resigned today. Who do you think will be her replacement?
  Posted 1 hour ago .