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My friend's psychological problems have gone ...

My friend's psychological problems have gone unnoticed for too long. This problem has come up several times in the short 14 years I've been living, with several different friends. Let me start by saying I have more experience then a kid my age should with these things.. although me, my counsler, psychiatrist, nor mom (whose a registered nurse) can say for sure my exact diagnosis, words have been tossed around.. its either a one or a combination of Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, or Hypo-mania. & ADHD I have been taken out of school for not being able to go through a school day without a panic attack & another cut. I've been on PLENTY of different combinations of medicine but the current ones are Lamictal, Adderall, Welbutrin, Citelopram, & the occasional Klonipin. But that's actually pretty irrelevant in my question. My real question is, How do I convince my friend's parents to care about their child's problems? It's getting SO frustrating. This has happened with my Ex, who suffered from serious depression.. but his parents ignored my warnings, having him only on Zoloft, which obviously wasn't working. he was addicted to cutting & he ended up trying to kill himself 9 times after we broke up. His parents actually blamed me for that! Now they refuse to let us make contact, & I guess there's nothing more i can do there... Ugh. Now it's my current boyfriend.. having the same problem basically. His parents.. have him on Prozac. Ha. Ha. Laugh at Zoloft & Prozac.. They don't actually help shit.. least I've never seen it, all its good for is getting high, if even that. Anyways, I'm no doctor, but with the things I've learned in health class & in my psychiatrist's/counsler's offices, I'm more educated on the matter then the average joe.. My boyfriend gets headaches very often & also gets sick lots. He has gotten strep throat 4 times in the past couple weeks alone.. & I'm almost sure that headaches & a bad immune system are symptoms of stress.. he's so stressed all the time. He constantly gets sad over the littlest things, & it's next to impossible to cheer him up. He often says things like "I wish i was dead" or "wouldn't it be nice if that car hit us?" which i know from experience are considered suicidal thoughts & mean you must act fast.. Also, his mother has very bad anxiety & i'm pretty sure things like that can be hereditary? so that's another factor.. not to mention the things hes smoked could of certainly added a little paranoia. He is afraid of silly things.. like water.. he won't go in pools or creeks & is even hesitant about showering.. (he does though! haha) another fear is motorcycles.. which isn't that irrational, but his whole family rides & he won't touch one. ( lol when i was little i was scared of signs hanging from the ceiling & ketchup. explain that...) anyways, he also prays VERY often & is constantly trying to do everything good.. "turn his life around" he says, but knowing him & knowing where he's been, i'd say he simply has a fear of sin. sinning. disappointing people. He lives constantly in fear & constantly in stress & i'm getting sick of it. I really need some help.. Also, his family can't afford a psychiatrist or counsler & i don't know if they could even afford real medicine for him. Which is probably the reason they haven't.. but also being the youngest they don't really notice him or dignify his problems very much.. Your advice on getting him help? PLEASE? :'c

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You need to work on you.

Let him worry about himself. If he does not want help, holding a gun to his head will not make any difference. Oh, he might agree to go into treatment, but it will not benefit him. He needs to make the decision that there is a problem and that he wants to deal with it.

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

Tell your school counselor that your friend has displayed suicidal ideology then make friends who do not have the same sort of problems you have.  People tend to feed off each other when they share these kinds of things and you really need to learn better coping skills than you can find through other young people with problems like your own.  The ideal situation is to not be on medication, ever.  You take more medications than most people will their entire lives and if there is any other solution to a problem, then it should be explored before just prescribing another pill; many people do not believe that there is a true need for half the stuff doctors prescribe.

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Don't try to analyze this on your own. Try to take the advice given here and see a professional. There will be treatment for you. It is good that you have written for help, at least this shows that you know you have a problem. Please do not hesitate to see a doctor. Best of Luck