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A girl that I work with has suddenly started blanking me and ignoring me completely. We were good friends up until 4 weeks ago when all this happened, and I am at a loss to understand her reasoning ...

 Thanks for the advice. 4 months on and still not talking and doing petty things such as knocking things that belong to me off desks etc, but only doing it when she thinks that I am not watching. I did confront her once and asked why she was not talking to me and she says it was because of the letter I wrote her even though all this nonsense started over a month before I wrote the letter! Thanks for the advice jd and I have been noting all the silly things that she has done just incase she makes something up to the boss out of badness. At least I have recorded everything, but I don't intend to report her as I think she has maybe taken something the wrong way or that someone perhaps has told her lies, I don't know but she is either a nut case or is feeling very bitter about something. I am an easy going person and I am trying not to get annoyed with her actions and I am carrying on as normal!

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