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Ok so ive known this girl for about a year now but about six months ago we started getting very close , and now she is my best friend. We tell each other everything and trust each other completely. We ...

She definitely likes you and is flirting with you. I think you should tell her how you feel about her it is a risk that you have to take because that is the only way you will really find out how she feels about you. Maybe she is still with the other guy because she thinks she can't do better than that but by you telling her how you feel she might take a chance on you since you are good to her. Hope this helps.

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John Thinks this answer is Helpful:

A long time ago i was trying to ask her if she liked me as more than a friend because a lot of people were commenting on us being a cute couple etc. but i kinda accidently told her i didnt like her even though i did and then she said she doesnt see me as more than a friend either, would it be possible that my telling her i didnt like her first affect her answer at all ?


It might have affected her answer or she might have just been telling you how she feels about you which is that she just sees you as a friend. But she might be feeling the way you do that by telling you how how she really feels she might lose you because she thinks you only see her as a friend. My advice is that you tell her exactly how you feel you seem to be close to her so what is holding you back.

John Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Ok thanks alot, im going to try to tell her soon.

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