Does my best friend like me as more than a friend ?

Ok so ive known this girl for about a year now but about six months ago we started getting very close , and now she is my best friend. We tell each other everything and trust each other completely. We text constantly and she is at my house every single weekend. We wrestle and mess with each other a lot but we also are very close, we sit next to each other all the time no matter what. Shes fallen asleep in my lap and she plays with my hair and is pretty much touching me or playfully hitting me all the time we even joke around that she beats me, and lately ive been catching her staring at me every once in awhile. She has told me that shes at her happiest when shes around me and shes never met any guy like me, also she finds me attractive and very funny. BUT she has a boyfriend that shes had for almost a year now. He constantly lies to her, flirts with other girls, and ignores her. Ive told her he is a jerk and she needs to break up with him and she deserves better but she doesnt seem to listen. He is also two grades higher and has tried to get her to have sex but she refused. I like her ALOT but i dont think i can stand the pain their relationship causes me much more. I just wanted to know if it seems like she likes me as more than a friend, i dont want to just ask her because i dont want to risk losing her. I honestly cannot invision my life without her.

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