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If the right wing is a threat to our nation, I believe the left wing is a great threat also. Is it a crime to have a political view? 

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2 the librals it is. They r sending a document 2 every police station in America, saying that any 1 that is prolife or doesn't agree with the fed government, is a 'radical' & 'terrorist'! Obama's the threat, not us.

"If they don't want to talk to us, then fine - they can listen."-Me

They can send as many documents as they like. They can put it billboards and tattoo it to their foreheads. It is not against the law to be a left or a right winger, no mater how extreme you are, as long as you don't break the law. I also doubt that every police station they send this fictional document to, would even read it, let alone trying to enforce it.....HUH?

If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!

Wait...r u calling it fictional, cause u think i'm lying, or cause it's unconstitutional and has no legil grounds?

"If they don't want to talk to us, then fine - they can listen."-Me

Both sides can be a threat to our Nation, Thankfully we have a constitution that keeps that from happening.

It is not at all a crime to have a political view, it is a personal crime instead to have a political view based on someone else’s idea without one dissecting everything told to them.

Nowadays an American is one who does not have their own idea of how things are or could be, but instead jumping the bandwagon on a left or right side. You know the majority of Americans think they are politically aware but they’re not if you don’t see the many different sides of it. Ask around how many people watched the presidential debates from the beginning, you’ll come up with slim to none. And if they had you’ll probably just hear ‘The white guy… what’s his name? Blew What’s his face out of the water!’ to ‘That new dude! I’m voting for him! He’s different…his color I mean’. I doubt the average American didn’t pay a moments attention to the debate actually taking place but by who was “winning”.

As a part of the left wing… I realize that it may seem things are getting out of hand, but if one looks through statistical facts you soon see a pattern.

As for liberals sending such an outrageous document of punishment for “radical and terrorists” for not agreeing with the federal government is the biggest load of garbage I have heard in life, and I have heard A LOT. To even believe such a thing is ridiculous and embarrassing to the person who believes it.

Of course I’m calling it out as fictional. It has no legal grounds, and haha, It’s just plain ridiculous sounding to those of us who are college educated in Government.

Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. -Paulo Freire

The Head of National Security was talking 2 FOX news about it, Dillwad! She knows it's true; I know it's true. I just saw them talking 2 her 2day about it! Just cause u got ur head in the sand, doesn't mean i'm a lier! Get ur brainwashed head out of the libral run news and watch what's going on in the REAL world! And how dare u call me uneducated! U don't know anything about me. By the way, i DID what the debates, and i was 4 Huckabee, til he gave up. Then i had 2 choose the lesser of 2 evils, and i decided AGAINST Obama.

"If they don't want to talk to us, then fine - they can listen."-Me

You’re kidding me right? Fox news? You have the Audacity to tell me I’m the brainwashed one for being a Liberal. Maybe you don’t know the definition for one. Here let me give it to you in one word…Broad-Minded. – Tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others.

But to help out a little more a Conservative is– In favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs, and against abrupt change.

As I don’t know you, you don’t know me. I watch, listen, and read both Conservative and Liberal news.

And of course I know nothing about you. You’re just another person on the Internet who likes to collaborate their ideas. So what? I can assume you know, comes with being educated. You must be to some extent, I mean You did assume I was attacking you in some way did you not.

As for you thinking I’m calling you a liar you must really be set on being fearful. How can I call you the liar if you’re just repeating the message to the rest of us.

As for you seeing that today, It must be the Tea Bag Protest! I dunno, It could possibly be that FOX is unhappy their guy did not win. After all, isn’t that what we do when we lose. There’s no such thing as a good loser is there. Of course, It would be sad for someone to think of the loss as the ultimate disaster. So I must ask you to as well pay attention to the Liberal news. Insight on both sides is essential to an effective defense of an argument.
Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. -Paulo Freire

4 1 thing. Ur giving me ur 'deffinition' of a libral; let me give the the HISTORY of how they started. They were a group of ppl that didn't belive in God and refused 2 b a part of anything pertaining God. That doesn't sound 'open-minded' 2 me at all. U got the Conservatives right though. We'd rather still b a nation under God then a counrty ruled by communism. U were calling me a lier. I said it was real; u said it was fictional. $ u being up on the news, u should know it's called TEA PARTY; not tea bag, b4 u get in a debate about it. I'v seen libral news, and it make me sick! THEY r the 1s that r scared! they realized that the 1 they helped put in office is failing, and that America wont stand idly by while he does. They r scared of losing their reputation, so they r trying their best 2 shut us up. Well, it wont work!

"If they don't want to talk to us, then fine - they can listen."-Me

Of course it’s my definition; It’s what you’ll find in the dictionary. But let me give you the Etymology… or origins of it. Lib: to Live Eral: With Common Sense

Con: Lie or cheat for personal gain Serv: to serve At: someplace Ive: Poison Ivy/ Poison

As a liberal I can personally say the idea of God is there, he is a metaphor, but not really there. There is nothing wrong with wanting to find the truth. Now the reason why, is because there are things that can taint thought. Having an attachment to something that you have known for years is one of them, that is the existence of God. There are still many Liberals who DO believe in god, don’t let one speak for all.

The traditional way to try to fix the problems this country and current world has Is the same as trying to figure out an algebraic problem while continuing to use the same method and numbers the exact same way, while trying to get a different answer every time. Impossible!

Now If you’re stuck on thinking I called you a liar obviously this is getting nowhere, no matter how much it is explained. And if you noticed… It’s technically called the ‘Tea Bag Protest’, yet another trivial thing to get stuck on. The Literal/technical naming… It’ll change by tomorrow.

And since when is our President failing? Did you come up with this, with actual statistical proof or just a guesstimation? Seriously, Obama has only been in office for 86 days. You can tell in that short amount of time that he is failing? Please show me your trick, How’s he failing because I have yet to see it? We’re in a Trial and Error era now. We have to come up with NEW ways to fix our current problems, not just sit on by and try the same thing over and over and over… and over to get different results.

Obama and the rest of the government are doing as fantastic as possible job in my book. But if being paranoid is what gets you through your day, by all means don’t let me bring you up to date.

By the way, What is this idea that this country is turning into a communist one? Seriously, I Don’t See It. Explain your idea and its proof…Enlighten Me. I do like to hear all the sides.
Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. -Paulo Freire

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