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How much does a freedom boat club membership cost ...

how much does a freedom boat club membership cost? I live in the central florida area.

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In Sarasota, they are quoting 5000.00 for the entry/first year and then on the 13th month 199.00 per month for year membership or 99.00 per month for 6 month membership.  We are debating ourselves about joining and are looking for some feedback.  What area are you looking in and how much did they quote you?

I too am thinking seriously about joining. I  have been talking to the Punta Gorda club and they are offering the same price ($5K plus $199/mo starting in second year).

They say they currently have 21 members at Punta Gorda and 6 boats - 3 Hurricane deck boats, 2 center consoles and one pontoon boat.

I am looking for some feedback from someone that has experience with the Freedom Boat Club to see what they say.


Current price for the membership intitial fee is $5000.00 (as of 5/21/2009) but I've have heard of people who bought resale memberships for less than that. Apparently, they are just as good as buying the original  - except cheaper.

Does anyone know if that is correct???

$5k to join, $199/mo for 12 mo/yr plan and 129/mo for 6 mo plan. I spoke with a rep regarding the Venice FL club.

I've known folks who bought resale mamberships and apparently they are as good as the original but cheaper.

Other facts I got from SW FL sales rep:  

1- you are a member of ALL SW Fl. clubs from Tamps - Sarasota-Venice-Englewood-Punta Gorda - Ft. Myers AND Naples. That means you can go to any of those clubs and boat as much as you want!!!

2 -I own 3 boats on a lake in OH. It can get costly to maintain a boat. The only thing  you pay for when you use their boat is the gas.

3- they replace their boats after 3 years - no old clunkers

4- they are covered with insurance (but if you take someone else out you might want to check on your own coverage)

5 - they have VHS radio's and tow insurance. You have a backup if your engine dies offshore !!! (not a trivial feature to have)

I'm interested in the 6 mo plan sicne I winter in FL and am in the Ohio area for the summer. I like you $99.00/mo rate better. They quoted me $129/mo for the half year plan.

BTW, the person I spoke with was Randy Underwood I believe.

In 2010 In Atlanta's Lake Lanier the cost is 5900 membership plus 150 a month unlimited.


In Pensacola, Florida, I was quoted

1) $5900 Membership fee (or you can purchase somebody else's). There was no mention of fees being waived for the first year.

2) An initiation fee of $1195. 

3) Monthly fees were stated as $199 for a restricted calendar - 320 days out of the year - no holiday weekends and you can only book for one Sat or Sun but not a full weekend, etc).

4) Then $299/mo  for a full-use membership.

5) Finally, a 'concierge' membership, but he wouldn't quote a price, nor explain what that included. He mentioned something about a cooler with ice & drinks being on the boat, and you get "first choice" booking. I'm guessing that means you can bump somebody else's reservation, but I'm not sure.


Does anybody know where you can buy a membership from somebody trying to sell theirs?



I have a Yacht club membership for sale that is not available anymore at North Palm Beach Location. Lifetime Use of any boat, locked in membership dues, resale. $15k


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