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Is it possible to perform free public records searches online ? I have tried various online resources all of them advertising "free public records searches" however they always end up anything but ...

It's not easy getting a criminal record report free, and most of the websites advertising free criminal record reports usually provide only a free search! And then you have to pay for the information. It is understandable why it's difficult to get a free criminal report with any degree of accuracy or reliability. A lot of labor and therefore cost goes into gathering info from countrywide sources and uploading it  - usually done by private companies, who then charge for the convenience.

To manually search for this would take many hours, waiting in queues, and in all likelihood still having to pay a fee anyway - plus, I would not be certain that the information was reliable. You can choose a website of background criminal record with one of the largest databases they are very fast and the reports are accurate and complete, plus they offer a money back guarantee.

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