Free Public Court Records Online, Search Public Records?

How to find free public court records online?

What is the best website to use to search for public records?

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It's not easy finding free public court records online with much depth, comprehensibility or reliability:
Many think that public information should be free, however in most cases this is  not true; administration and labor costs are incurred in putting "free" information online.
Some websites do offer free public court records information online (if they are in fact free and without a link to a paid search site) usually possess very small data bases that don't allow in-depth or country wide searches - adequate for curiosity seekers?
There are some reputable private records companies who charge for their search services - but this is because they have taken the time and money to gather info nationwide from government and private resources (court records, arrest records, inmate records, marriage divorce records etc.) They sort and categorize the info and upload it to the web.

Information is collected from a wide pool of resources and therefore you can work with up to date, complete and accurate information - now try and do this yourself with "free court records resources" for each county and state!
It's for this that most prefer the private court records searches sites, including myself. It's convenient, very quick, accurate, and the reputable ones also provide a money back guarantee.

After having experimented with many online court records websites I have settled with Gov public court records . They have a massive database of court records and can process accurate reports very quickly.

I hope I have shed a little light on free court records searches online.
Good luck with your searches.

You can't unless you can get a court order to have them "sealed" and to do this after the fact is rare. This is usually part of the settlement.

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How to obtain public records for bankrupt property?

Aren't public court records obtainable for free?

It is understandable why it's difficult to get a free public report with any degree of accuracy or reliability. A lot of work and therefore cost goes into gathering info from countrywide sources and uploading it  - usually done by private companies, who then charge for the convenience.

You may require background criminal record reports on a regular basis and prefer to use the private companies because they draw information from many different sources giving me a better chance of complete and accurate info. To manually search for this would take many hours, waiting in queues, and in all likelihood still having to pay a fee anyway - plus, I would not be certain that the information was reliable.

Finally, free records websites have weak performance, and it doesn't matter if you spend 5.00$ or 10.00 $ to get the true and official records you need.

There is a great site out there called, it is completely free and it pulls information from a ton of different sites across the U.S., very comprehensive!

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