Free background check online, nationwide criminal records check

Free background check online, nationwide criminal records check

Is it possible to perform a free background check online or a criminal record check?

It seems there are many websites advertising free background check online but there is always a charge for the final background check report.

Another problem I have is that most free background check websites have really small data bases or cover just a single state and in most cases only a county.




Ok, after searching through most free online background checks I used  Gov online background checks
After wasting so much time with the little free sites (whose information is questionable at best) I was happy to pay the small joining fee.

With Gov records background checks I could perform nationwide background checks - plus the info was reliable and up to date.

Hope that can help someone.

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This web site has some very good answers to your question. I think you will find it helpful.

The problem with quotes on the Internet is you can never be certain they are authentic. - Abraham Lincoln

Ta, was looking for info on hot to do a military background check...

was wondering when you enter any armed service if they look into things such as myspace, forum postings, and e-mails? Or just records?

Yeah, I was looking to see where  to go to  get a real totally free background check online for criminal history records - but ... a nationwide police background check - not just local criminal records

The worst thing you can do is to lie on an application. Marijuana does not seem to be an automatic disqualification for most police departments, but a false application can get you fired at any time during your career.





































































Whenever you start anything where you are involved with the public a free background check online is a must. If you have nothing to hide as you say then this is a formality. Don't worry you will sail through this.

ADD: After struggling for quite a long time to find the answers I was looking for, I have finally taken Nick's advice and decided to pay for good service. I will never regret it, I got my answers in less than 20 minutes!! fantastic!


Thanks Nick, great thread!!




What would be the best way to get criminal records on my great grandfather?

My great grandfather was in prison for 7 years. I do know the prison he was. I wanted to get any copies of records or mug shots of him. Does any one know the best way of going about getting this? Should I just call the prison he was at and ask for it?

only an FBI or state FBI background check will be accepted, They notarize it already. You must be patient or forget it they will not grants you any docs without it being official from a govt agency.

What shows up on my background check when employers search it?

the charges and the fines will show up.

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