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Evangelist Franklin Graham called President Barack Obama's religious views into question on Tuesday, stating that he does not know for sure if Obama is a Christian.

Yo, Ted.  Did your preacher ever scream "God Damn America" from the pulpit?  Any way you look at Jeremiah Wright he is a fake.  If Obatso didn't spot that in half a second and find his way back to the parking lot then he took sides with all that racist hate. 

Ain't a way a Christian is gonna do that or stand for it either one.  Wright ran a cult but it wasn't a church. 

If I hear that loud mouth racist screaming like that you couldn't have got me to sit thru the rest of the sermon.  These people are just that bad.

Any body stood for that crap ain't a Christian and that is for sure.

Tadpole was nasty before but she's getting nastier with worse porn as she goes crazier. I know leftists are bitter and stupid but that's more than decent people are gonna put up with.
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Billye Rock Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:


Seems harley Sprit couldn't tell us where Wright was wrong whys that harley sprit ??? can't back up your lies without showing us what a total moron you are


rocmike lets see how this works and you do it every day with different aliases. today you posted for hours under your alias biil. then you stopped posting under bill and then posted for hours under anselmox. then you stopped posting under amselmox and the same with harley spirit and are now posting under bill. can you make it any more obvious? when you bring out a new alias do not stop posting under the previous one. this makes it almost as obvious as how all your aliases sound exactly the same and repeat the same crap over and over.

Billye Rock Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:


I'm not sure who you are referring to ... your post seems a bit all over the place ... can you be a little more specific ... on the alo message boards many know me as billye rock I've  been that screen name from the get go starting in 1998 ... that's if you are referring to me...


as fore me being amselmox or harley spirit now there's a couple of nut jobs ... again I'm not sure who you are talking about because of the newness of this site... I am a liberal a far left liberal I don't support any repub-lie-clown cause ...end of discussion about me

Anonymous Comment

Billye is correct, but Right Wing useful tools even when shown they are parroting propaganda continue to be tools for the right. Rev Wright was maligned by a deliberate campaign to rewrite what he said from the pulpit of his Church.  This has been proven many times over and DROPPED as an attack for lack of any credibility yet here we see it being revived by a idiot.  Wright was pointing out that the members of his congregation have a lot that should make them say 'damn you America' but there is much MORE to make them PROUD to be Americans :)  the right forgets to point that last part out when trying to malign our President by lying about his pastor.


 billye rock i didnt say you are rocmike. i am a democrat and not one of those nut job social conservatives---- rocmike is harley spirt, leagle, bill, mystic, southern, suffolk, anselonx, hairy biker and many many more. i just enjoy messing with that loser.

Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Why does Tadpole still try to defend Obama, regardless his insane racist history and mental condition?  Worse yet, she used multiple screen names to try to create a misleading impression that there might be more than one person with that ridiculous view.


The Bandwagon Game is a psychotic gambit that always depends on simpleminded delusion but there is nothing more to it.  In any case you have failed, Tadpole.  You have failed along with all your lies.  Is there anything less respectable?


Is there anything more severely hateful than a black separatist with a nasty, foul mouth grudge?


Tadpole may want to scream Wright's racist slogans but no sane person could.


another day another rocmike alias. rocmike unlike you i do not post under aliases. i want you to know its me calling you an insane loser.

Harley Spirit

Thanks for another threat in my email, Tadpole.  Ohhh, I'm shaking in my steel toes! 


Tell you what, dingbat.  Come out here and try to make good on your threat.  Two things are gonna happen when you do.


1.  We are gonna latch onto you like the bunch of hard handed construction types that we are, and duct tape your arms behind your back.
2.  We are gonna call the cops and have them haul you to the psycho ward with criminal complaints about everything you donew while you were here.


Got that?


rocmike you sad pathetic loser. i have never sent you an e-mail. why dont you stop making a bigger fool of yourself then you normally do and post it. you cant because there is none. what do you think your lies prove. the only one who believes you is your aliases. everyone else thinks you are a joke and a loser. you got me scared. i dont you can even get out of the phyco ward to do anything. 

Billye Rock Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:



dfrogpong Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:
 billye rock i didnt say you are rocmike. i am a democrat and not one of those nut job social conservatives---- rocmike is harley spirt, leagle, bill, mystic, southern, suffolk, anselonx, hairy biker and many many more. i just enjoy messing with that loser.
thanks for the info Dfrogpong 

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