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Evangelist Franklin Graham called President Barack Obama's religious views into question on Tuesday, stating that he does not know for sure if Obama is a Christian.

We need a secularist for president. A grip on reality is vital in the job.

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Leagle Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Unfortunately, atheists have the weakest grip on reality that exists.  Atheist delusions, their irrational obsession on hatred and bigotry, and their incomprehensible pseudoscience, makes atheism the sickest and least intelligent group in history.


I hate to tell you about some of the things atheists have asked me to help them patent: torture devices, mind control devices to be installed on all public transportation and public schools, even execution machines that reek of Stalin's barbaric misuses of power . . ..  The list of atheist immorality and delusion goes on and on.


The list is as disgusting as these people are persistent in their demands to aggressively persecute all persons who have any rational moral values.


Hatred on that level marks atheists as the least rational persons on the planet and the most likely to suffer violent delusions -- which history has pointed out repeatedly.

Trampo Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

We need someone we can trust where Obatty is, not the guy that hates America every bit as bad as his racist preacher.  I never saw any body as hateful and evil minded as Wright unless it was Obatty. 


There ain't bit hate in either one of them.  Nothing else, just plain evil hate.  Atheists are as bad as Muslims when it comes to hate. 


Obatty and Old Fart both let us down cause ain't neither of them moral enough to be trust worthy.


rocmike i see we have to add jeremiah wright along with atheists, muslims, racists, leftist and hitler that you cant make a post without using these words.  


rocmike can any of your aliases post without using the words atheist, muslim, leftist, racist, hitler and now your new one jeremiah wright?

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