Is Franklin Graham the anti-christ...

Is Franklin Graham the anti-christ...

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Nope. Franklin Graham is a shallow reproduction of his bible-thumping moron of a father. I hear they're getting Billy's room ready in hell.

 “Islam sees him [Obama] as a son of Islam … I can’t say categorically that (the president is not Muslim) because Islam has gotten a free pass under Obama.” – Rev. Franklin Graham

He is the anti-christ's understudy

No. the antichrist was revealed back in the days when the Protestant reformation began in the 16th century. 

There is clear evidence in the Bible as to who the antichrist is. And it is not any American leader. 

It's interesting that many people take the word "antichrist" and fit it to someone who is openly opposed to Christ or openly against Christ.  And yet the word "antichrist" actually means "in place of Christ".  So when we are looking for the antichrist, we need to be looking for someone who is a professing Christian and who has put themselves in the place of Christ on earth. 

Know anyone like that?  The Protestant reformers did!

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can break my heart".

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