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France was the most of the most after the Plague.  Everyone immitated her and she was bold, fierless and beyond brave.  There have been many leaders, kings what have you I love France.  It is gorgeous and Paris is more than anybody with half a brain bargained for.  The history of Paris and of France is beyond understanding their spirit and their love of thier city is to relish and our own Revolution was based on theirs and they stood with us.  We have lost our allegience and our commraderie with France.  Perhaps they have lost themselves through the ages but I remember them in history and respect them.

Again as to their favorite president I am thinkin Charles DeGaulle (spelling) whose chef was Pepin what a man with such a history himself he made me respect Charles and his family and their legacy.

Lady Darko

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Rocmike having a little trouble posting under 2 aliases? The gaps in posting in your Ladydarko alias and Bill alias fit perfectly.

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