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is it good to give preschoolers stickers for elective work like practicing writing letters? My partner feels being proud of themselves and a "good job" should be enough. I feel it's a small thing to ...

During my preschool teaching years I would create seasonal theme. For example,

a tree during  the fall posted in or around the circle/meeting area. 

  Each time we saw a child being responsible or being a good friend. We would write on a precut leaf made of fall colors from  construction paper.

   At some designated part of the each day we read to the class the leaves with the childs name and their good deed.  The leaf was then taped up onto the tree.

  When the season or theme changed, the leaves were removed and given to who they belonged to to take home.

     At times there are differant circumstances with individual students. If I found stickers helped re-enforce positive behavior, I would design a program for that particular child.

  Again, depending on the situation, create different methods to bring out the best in the child. Sometimes the rest of the class can "help" remind or re-enforse

the desired behavior in such a way they all children feel good about them selves.


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