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From the beginning of our great country, there has been an ongoing debate: how should judges (the Supreme Court in particular) interpret the Constitution? That is, should it be interpreted as a ...

What should be the qualifications to vote?

1.  Loyalty.  One should pledge allegiance before voting.  We have every rational right to demand that voters will place the interests of their people above their own interests.  Indictment for a felony crime that has not been cleared by a court of law would place one's loyalty in question, but that must also preclude barratry from political opponents.  Under ONE indictment, the accused may vote and run for office.  On conviction, the penalty is automatically doubled to prevent abuse such as we have seen under Obama.

2.  Stability.  Owing land or a business would show the necessary good judgment to vote wisely.  Working for others over a year would also prove stability.

3.  National service.  Military service, community volunteering, or other service to the American people should be mandatory. 

4.  Good character.  One felony conviction ends voting rights for ten years.  A "Life" conviction (regardless of early release) ends voting rights permanently.  Also, persons who have been committed to a mental institution for over a year would lose voting rights for six years.  Committals under sixteen weeks would be disregarded as invalid mental health complaints.

5.  Naturalization under existing INS protocol would qualify the immigrant to vote in the next election after four years residency.

6.  Maturity.  Revoke the voting rights of persons under 21, except those on current active duty or who have been discharged earlier from the military under honorable conditions.

7.  Education.  Voters must be High School graduates or pass a GED.



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Clay Borne

And who is responsive for deeming a person all of these things?  Land ownership at least hints that a person is responsible...

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