What formula would I use to convert square feet of a room to the dimensions/room size?

I need to convert 162.53 square foot into a room size/dimension for a report, i.e. 10'1 X 10'6

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Hi Toni, --------------- There is NO specific answer to your question (there are zillion possible answers): Any Lenght (in feet) and any Width (in feet) that when you mulriply them will result in 162.53 will do: so it can be: 16.253 X 10 or 32.506 X 5 or 20.316 X 8 or 18.06 X 9 or 12.75 X 12.75 (suare)...... etc..... ------------ Best regards,

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A room is 45 meter and stand for 3.5 foot. To solve a squre meter


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Hi Bobby, -------- S=W*L (the area is width muliply by the length). So any 2 numers that you multiply them and get 550 will do (2 examples George gave correctly, 2 thums up). Here are few combinations (all in feet): 55x10 ------ 11x50 ------ 27.5x20 ---- 25x22 ------ 30x18.3 --------- Best ...