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Formula 3 Weight Los

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Yes I have copies of all the levels except level 1. I lost 50lbs Im looking for one that is still open to help me again, ive gained some weight back kept it off for 15yrs. Jo

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Yes, I can send you a copy of everything I have. I just started back on it yesterday. I believe it is a very good diet. Where would you like me to mail it? Job

Name: Formu-3 Weight Loss Centers
Street: 1225 North Main Bluffton
Decatur, in 46733-
Phone: (260) 824-8344
Laughing Hope this helps

If you always do what you've always done! You'll always get what you've always got. Does your brain know what you mouth is saying????

Oh please send me a copy. I am in such need. I joined Formu 3 when it was still called Nutra bolic. I did very well. If you would here is my e-mail and I will send you my address.

brattyangel52@yahoo.com.......................... Thanks

If you always do what you've always done! You'll always get what you've always got. Does your brain know what you mouth is saying????

Could you please send me copies of the diet? Please and thank you


email me and I will give you my address

438 Upton Avenue  Battle creek, MI 49037

Thank you I appreciate it


I would love to have this diet too.  I lost 25 lbs. years ago with it and have misplaced all my material.  My email is RhonRose@aol.com.  I'd be happy to pay postage.  Thanks.

could you please send me copies of what you have?  As far as level on goes...I remember it drops down to one carb...no milk....it was a plateau breaker.

my address is

Stacy Sims

204 claire St

                     Rossville, GA 30741

Please fax me the copies. (502) 217-5380

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