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Appology, According to the Jewish tradition / faith one has to ask, before Yom Kippur, for fotgiveness from each and every person one did wrong to. If I gave a wrong advise, or hust anyone, or ...

Oron you are a delight and as an extra bonus , you are Jewish.   The only thing I would add or put in Christian terms is that Yom Kippur ( or Day of Atonement) is forgiveness for the nation of Israel annually.  This represents to me,  as well,  the atonement or forgiveness Jesus offered to all believers that through Jesus you were forgiving your sin.  Because remember , the commandment came from G-d to forgive one another and be forgiven and G-d would forgive Israel for that year.  So in a way it comes out the same because Jesus said for us to forgive or debtors as we forgive them and to love one another as I have loved you.  Thank You oron and may every Yom Kippur be special to you always as it is for me.  My wife and I are super Sandy Koufax fans ( the greatest pitcher of all time and happens to be Jewish) and my wife told me when she was young she heard on the radio that Koufax wasn't pitching on this day because it was Yom Kippur.  Even though my wife at the time had no clue what they were talking about she said "If Sandy doesn't want to pitch on Yom Kippur that she stood by him all the way "  Love you man, Bye until next time. Joe


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OronD Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Thank you Joe for your notes. I have to pleed guilty and feel so ignorant and stupid: I never heard the name of Sandy Koufax. However I am going to find out and read about him. Yes I am jewish and was never exposed to the New Testamony but I have very warm feelings towards Cristians and christianity. Christians are for me like 1st cousins or even younger brothers). living in Israel means that I am always at the footprints of Jesus and christianity and I have utmost respect to both. Often I see how devoted christian people are and how deep is their belief. About a week ago I saw a group of people (happened to be from Serbia) who baftised at the Jordan river and thouh the water were relatively cold I cold sense the warmth of there hearts and the shinning devoted eyes..... at that time they were very close to feel they are in heaven. Please send warm regards to your wife. I promise to lit a candle and pray for both of you when I'll be in Nazareth / Jerusalem / Beith-Lechem. G-d bless you and your family. You made by that a new friend in Israel.

Joe Guest

OronD, You always make me happy when I see you've posted a comment or asked a question.  I love your gift of words and I know that they come from a very enlightened source.  I believe that you are not only very special to me and the others that read your comments, but I believe you are very special to G-d Himself.  My wife and I pray for you and your family and honestly ,I'm a little jealous because actually live in Israel!  When you drive down the streets or have a meal with your family or friends, or when you are just sitting in your house, think of me and remember that I truly Love all my friends in Israel and pray for the peace to surround you in G-ds loving hands.  I hope to one day live in Israel and when I get there I would love to meet you and give you a big hug!  Keep talking to me because I love to hear from you and say hello to your family for me and my wife says a very warm and sincere Shalom! Shalom to you my brother!

Marla R Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Joe Guest - while this is true and was unusual during Koufax's time, it is no longer the same response someone like Koufax receives today for the same decision.

If Koufax made the same decision in many high profile areas of society then and they are like today, he would have been out of work. 

Very rarely, for any religious person, is freedom of religion as a constitutional right respected, based on my own experience.

Children can't even say the pledge of allegiance in school because it mentions Gd.

The generation Sandy Koufax came from, had more faith, common sense and less aggression than any since....It's backwards. Today, if a person shows tolerance it's a bigger deal than those who have faith and stand up for it, non-violently. The "game" is violent the very opposite of the result of the morality once associated to Judeo-Christianity. 

Me too...I think Israel has it right and is hated for it, but, I'd live there in a heartbeat, myself.

It's not ok what is acceptable to many Americans, as PC today. A person can believe or not believe and that is their right. It's gone beyond that to where only those who don't believe can freely exercise their 'religion' in speech anywhere they want and even with violence against those who still do.

The backlash of standing up as a person of faith, is the very real threat of totalitarian authority and it's not those of faith who are starting the fight the people breaking it up go to such extremes to stop. This is what everyone's children have to grow up seeing then decide to stay faithful or be welcome in the larger society. Many choose the latter and pretend the former is a crutch.

Imho, people used to have a much better balance in their lives, the simpler they kept it.

War changes everything and nothing at all. But, those were some days, weren't they?

I hope our troops come home very soon. They deserve better - we all do.


(the difference, btw, between Sandy Koufax's time and now, imo, was the media --- look up 'yellow press' and you'll see what I'm referring to)


Hi Oron - don't feel so stupid or ignorant - a lot of people never heard of Sandy Koufax or the example he set. He was also a really good pitcher.



Joe Guest

Hi Marla R,   

   I'm sorry it is taking me so long to respond to your eloquent words of wisdom.  I have been in the hospital and just got home o the 27th of March. 

My wife is taking very good care of me and I am getting better every day.  I hope to see Israel and the U.S. have a better time ahead although I am no fool.  I realize that there are many dangerous forces in this world we live in and we all must stand together in the Lord.  Peace to you and your family and best wishes for your future endeavors!  I'm hoping and praying all of God's children will thrive despite the obstacles we all face.  Jesus reminded us it wouldn't be easy in the end times and I believe we are living in that time now.  

   We must be strong and wait for His coming to bring a new creation waiting for us all.

    You are right in saying that things were better in the past and I long for the time when people were more caring and loving.  I know that there are many who feel like we do and I thank God every day for sisters like you to share this time with.  You don't know how much comfort that you and Oron have given me and my beloved wife.  

     Please pray for me and my wife because we are both heart patients and my wife is trying to take care of me but she needs help herself.  She is my hero.  I love her so much.  I hope that you have someone in your life to help you and comfort you as well and remember that me and my wife are there for you if you ever need to talk to someone who really does care about you.

    Jesus gives me all I need, freedom, truth, life and salvation.  A salvation that no one can take from me.  That is true love.  I hope that you too have that true love in your spirit that comes from God Himself.  Bless you all of your days and may God keep you and help you through all that may come in the future.

     With much love I say goodbye for now, but remember me as I remember you and call on me when you can because it makes me very happy to hear from my friends, especially at this time in my life.

          Love Always,   Joe Guest

Marla R Thinks this answer is Helpful:

My prayers are with you and your wife for a speedy recovery.

Please stay in touch as you can.

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