We can forgive them for killing our children.

"We can forgive them
For killing our children.
We cannot forgive them,
For forcing us to kill their children.

We cannot have peace with Arabs
Until they start loving God
More than they hate us."
Israeli PM Golda Meyir.

No one ever claimed
Muslims were not neo-Nazis.
Their actions tell all
We will ever need to know.

The coming forced national
Conversion to Islam or face torture
Is Obama's mission from Farrakhan.
I refuse to kowtow to Muslim hate.

Hate is an illness that kills the spirit.
Forces the worst in all of us forever.
Christ and Abraham asked us to forgive.
Muslims defy both with grisly contempt.

Now we have Neo Nazis, in Muslim garb.
The same hellish evil, mindless vulgar hate.
Muslims are predictablly unforgivable.
They cannot be content until we are all that evil.


May God forgive Muslims before He must put them in hell.
May God give us the grace to forgive them also.
Do not let heretical Muslim genocidal rage
Provoke you under their heretical control.

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Nothing can ease the mindless hatred of Muslims.  They don't want to cease hating people because their entire doctrine amounts to creative ways to act out one murderous grudge after another.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

That is a great statment!  It is something god is very aware of, but people seam to blam "isreal" for it all!  Forgive thim for they do not know.  That was a nice way of saying the were ignorent (man).  It is the weakness in others that seek power over others.  This is the way of radical islam along with the power seekers of our world.  My purpose in this life is about to start and i prommis all man kind that god and the univurse will not allow isreial to fall to man!  The reasons for this are behind comprehintion.  O' isreal i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

James h tolbert, jr author of "the book of you"; a message from home

all of your choices in life describe you. Keep up with your choices.

Israel has a 6,000 year history of brazen confrontation with one godless power after another.  The Old Testament gives us an accurate record of Israel back that far, told from the Jewish perspective.  Considering human nature, I see no reason to believe that the Scribes slanted their reports: they had no political cause to do so unlike today.

The more disturbing facet of this dusky jewel is that Muslims have a clear and undeniable intention to put the best false front on Islam that they can and then commandeer America to get at our money, then reduce us to the hellish misery that Muslims have created for themselves in their short 1,400 year history.

The following report may be shocking but this is how Muslims run things.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

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