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Foreign Troops on US Soil

Is it unconstitutional for NATO aircraft to be operating inside the United States, such as in the aftermath of Sept 11th or currently in training exercises with the United States Military?  Does the US Constitution or US law say anything about foreign militaries on US soil?



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I don't think there is a problem , here is an aggrement signed netween Us and Canada. I remember there was a drill called Operation Cooperative Nugget-95 I am not sure if it is een held today.

Thanks for your reply. It's just that I read an article about a NATO AWACS doing some sort of training where they are directing our F-15 aircraft here in the US and it reminded me of when NATO AWACS were patrolling US airspace in the immediate aftermath of Sept 11th. This was actual war-time combat patrols over the United States and at the time it struck me as backwards that they were patrolling OUR airspace with NATO aircraft while OUR AWACS was patrolling elsewhere. To me that was backwards and maybe even a dangerous precedent. ...and I THOUGHT I heard someone else once point out that it was actually against the Constitution, in some way. But I can't find anything that jumps right out and proves that. Doesn't seem right to me.

There is no Constitutional prohibition against cutting off one's testicles or putting arsenic in one's food either.

Should we therefore maim and poison ourselves, then call it Constitutional?

It should be obvious to the most modest intellect that armed foreign troops on our soil under the command of a foreign power, which is exactly what the U.N. is, pose a permanent threat to our well-being and sovereignty.

Does anybody remember what Hessian mercenary soldiers were doing on our soil in the 1770s?  That lesson alone ought to decide the question.

What Americans don't realize is that U.N. "Peacekeeping Operations" are not confined to Third World countries like Somalia, where our troops are ordered to kill foreigners by U.N. commanders.

Armed foreign troops on our soil have the very same "peacekeeping" mission -- to break into our houses, confiscate our guns, round us up for (already built) detention camps, and in some cases blow out our brains -- when ordered to by the U.N. command.

Every last officeholder in Washington understands this.  The people don't.

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