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Why does my 2008 f-350 blow out white smoke

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Don, I'm not sure why your car is blowing white smoke, but if it were mine, I would think you are still under warranty???  Get it checked free.  Also, I find sites like this to be INCREDIBLY invaluable when dealing with car troubles that shouldnt be happening to "new" cars.  good luck!  http://www.internetautoguide.com/auto-recalls/09-int/2008/ford/f-350/index.html

You have a blown head gasket... That is water vapor comming out of your exhaust... It should be under warranty...Have them fix it for free!

I am a technician, and I can tell you that the water vapor comming from your exhaust is a blown head gasket...If the smoke were bluish in color it would be burning oil from leaky seals..... If it is 2008 it should be under warranty...They should honor that and replace it free of charge! Wow pretty sad only a year old, and already a blown head gasket... I would definately make them fix it for free.... Hope this helps...Jonathan

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