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My children have just discovered after 17 years ...

My children have just discovered after 17 years that their father has 2 other children.  They choose not to accept these children as their brother and sister.  I've been said to be wrong because i should step in a make them accept them.  My children are 17 and 19.  Father has been absent for 17 years. Am I wrong for respecting their decision not to accept them as siblings but they would only like to see who they are?

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my guess is that you should just give them time,they will come around.At the end of the day they are gonna realize that it wasn't the other kids fault that they are here.I still think that you should talk to your kids and try to convince them to accepted their brother and sister.

You gotta forgive and forget...

you guys should watch the tv series "brothers and sisters".

it deals with a similar situation, involving compassion, human reactions, sadness, understanding, and of course - love. what else is there.

good luck people, love conquers all, remember that.

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