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Oh dear, I don't know what you're asking but you should never force a teen to eat, especially not if the teen is a girl because you're just asking for her to maybe develop eating disorders. I think maybe you should discuss the problem with the child's doctor instead?

While you didn't share details, I know that parenting can really be tough sometimes.  Being associated with Focus on the Family, I'd like to share some relevant  information that we have for parents who may be facing challenges like yours.  Here are some teens' articles written on a variety of topics http://bit.ly/IhGpoS.  If you think that your child is dealing with an eating disorder, please free to give us a call to speak with one of our counselors http://bit.ly/wZKctV.  We would be honored to talk with you, at no cost.  I'm praying for both of you.   God bless.

My wife always got mad at me because I didn't make our daughters eat their vegetables. How could I/ I'm not a hypocrite, and I dislike vegetable myself. I can't force someone to eat stuff I don't like.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

i am a law graduate and ill try to answer yr interesting question from that point of view and not from a psychological which is i believe obvious that the forcers are inflicting psychological dammage to the forced eater.

one is her or his own person at the age of 18 or 21 in some country. from then on one can do anything one wants just like anyone else older than that age. but if one lives in somebody elses house and uses this somebody elses services and funds to live one,then one is obliged to do what the servicer is asking one to do. its a kind of nonwritten contact. that the servicer is parent to the one has no meaning.

on the other hands parents are obliged under the law to support their children till the age that the law states. its usually 18 or 21 and in most developed countries if the child goes to higher schoo after thayoat age then parents are still obliged to support those children of theirs but not longer than usually 26 yoa.

now,since u are only 13 this by the law means that yr parents are obliged to support u and u are not obliged to do anything. parental practicing force over their children for whatever reason is illegal. so we could say that their behaviour is illegal,if only there was not a problem of definition of force. so what they are doing is not real force cos they are not putting food in u by force. they are persuading u to eat. and u live this persuasion as force. strictly speaking its not force but we could talk about psychological force.

so what do one do when under psychological force,regardless if one is underage. in this case one puts ones parents to the court for psychological force. and now the final and the most difficult legal problem. an underage person cannot go to the court on her/his own but has to be represented by,guess who,ones parents. but  there is the solution to this one too. one will have to go to the social worker of ones community and ask for ones parents to be taken off of one of as ones legal representatives. this procedure is being done at the court,which is going to put a temporary legal reperesentative for the underaged one,just for the case at hand. so u would eventually win the case and yr forcers would be sentenced by the court for exercising psychological force at u to eat when u dont want to eat,providing u prove u have suffered psychological dammage. and one last note on yr 'case'. in order that one can sue anybody at tha court of justice,one has to have a damage by the one one is sueing. like,u are being forced to eat and thus u should state the damage u suffer of the forcing. the damage can be psychological one too.

as u can see all this is ridiculous as a legal case.

so i suggest u just refuse to eat the amount u dont want but u mustnt choose what u eat,under normal circumstances. so u just dont eat and dont open yr mouth. and they cant do u anything except beat u or make yr life hell otherwise. but this is another story.

i belive yr parents are not realistic. but i also believe u are not the besto of a 13 yr old 'child'. i am saying it ironically cos whoever has ejaculation of sperm and menstrual period is not a child biologically. but may be an undeveloped yet adult brain and social wise. this is being human. cos if u were an animal u would long ago be on yr own food wise. and would worry about not having enough food and not,as is yr case,too much of it.

There's no god and u know it!!!

its interesting that i understood the question having been asked by the teen and not her/his parents. i wantder who is in the right,i or the other theree answerers...cos its not obvious from the question who is asking the forcer or the forcee. lol

There's no god and u know it!!!

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