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Football facemasks have drastically evolved over the years, from barb wire attached to cloth helmets, to sophisticated pieces of protective equipment made from strong, durable materials. The facemask ...

Single and Double Wire
Single wire facemasks are most often used by players who need maximum visibility, such as quarterbacks. There is no bar running from east to west on a single wire facemask, which allows players greater visibility.
On the other hand, double wire facemasks are built for strength and durability, and are often used by linemen and other positions that block and tackle. The double wire facemask's opening is smaller, which helps prevent players from getting struck in the face by other players' hands, fingers and feet.
U-Bar Facemasks
U-Bar facemasks are also referred to by some as a "bull ring". The U-Bar facemask is designed to minimize the possibility of hands, feet and fingers from hitting the nose of other players. Defensive backs, also known as cornerbacks and safeties, often choose the U-Bar style of facemask.
Position Facemasks
Players in certain skill positions, most notably wide receivers, ofter wear a facemask specially designed for them. In this style of face mask, the side bar is positioned at a deeper angle to allow for enhanced peripheral vision. Facemasks for players in skill positions are also longer than other styles of
Protection Gradesface mask manufacturers
Football facemask manufacturers typically use abbreviations to denote the level of protection offered by a specific style of facemask. Those abbreviations include: NJOP, which means "nose, jaw and oral protection;" EGOP, or "eyeglass and oral protection," (a style of facemask used by players
wearing corrective lenses) OPO, which stands for "oral protection only" and refers to a facemask that only guards the mouth; JOP, or "jaw and oral
protection"; NOPO, which stands for "nose and oral protection only."

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