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Foot feels like a bee just stung me

What causes it Feels like a bee Sting on my foot off and on last a few seconds”. it happens off and on. Only last a about a minute. It is on the top of my foot about two inches from the start of my big toe.

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I would think that this is some kind of neuralgia. That is a fancy word for sick nerve. I used to know more, but the only thing that I remember is that pains of this nature are very rarely ever serious.


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Why does a bee die after stinging someone one time? They only get to sting once and die?

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i got stung by an unknown bee a week ago and although the pain from the sting is gone I am experiencing an incredible amount of itching and a little swelling at the site(ankle)...Is this normal?

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Sounds like a mild allergic reaction to the sting. I know that vinegar helps take the itch out when you are first stung, but I dont know if it will work now. It should be improving by now, but if it is getting worse like you said then I would reccomend you see a doctor.


Hi, If you are not alergic or sensitive to bee sting, simply ignore it (or put some ice on that place to reduce the pain). It hurts for a short time (10-15 minutes) and might swell a bit but then it's over. However if you are alergic or sensitive that's a totally different story and you'll have ...

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You were probably stung by something but can't see it. Try putting some soothing lotion on it and if it doesn’t go away within a week go see a dermatologist about it.