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Is all glass food safe? The glass jars that candles come in, can they be cleaned up and used for food safely?

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Clean them well with a detergent after removing all the wax using hot water. I remember using those glasses as drinking glasses when growing up.

It should be. Just make sure you wash it out really good, no wax or residue left on the glass. I would wash it a few times using hot water. If you can try boiling the glass in a bleach/water solution, allow it to cool then wash with dishwashing soap.

Hey, Thanks a lot that is what I wanted to hear!! Now, how about paper? I want to wrap some Valentine cookies in red tissue paper.

Thank You!! I'm glad people are so kind. Do you know about paper in the same way? I want to wrap some Valentine cookies in red tissue paper.

I am not sure but just take into account that paper absorbs and therefore can not be cleaned hermetically like glass.

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