Food stamps, what won't they buy?

What will I not be able to buy with food stamps?

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You will not be able to buy with Food Stamps... toilet paper,napkins, paper towel, trash bags, wax paper, candles, ink cartridges, foil, pampers, oven cleaner and many more unediable things. Also speaking of edible things you are not suppose to be able to buy cooked food items such as KFC, McDonald's and corner stores that sell cheese steaks, french fries or fried chicken. You can only buy these things with Food Stamps if they are uncooked. I hope this helps to answer your question.

Also cant buy seasonal things like cans of popcorn, gift boxes with food in them. Basically things that can be 90% eaten you can buy.

Live for today.

u also cant buy energy drinks, alchol, or tabacoo with foodstamps....u can however buy halloween candy, easter, valentines day, christmas day candy...but not gift boxes with food in them....

Anything, you cant eat, like toilet paper,cigerettes, beer, etc.

This SUCKS half my list is things like garbage bags and toilet paper. DARN ! Guess we will just eat and not poo LOL :) HAHA JK .

Maybe you should just get a job instead of living off the government.  Then you could buy a lot of things.

I get so tired of people always asuming that people on food stamps dont have a job or dont work hard. I work two jobs, there just are not any good jobs out there right now!!!!!

i have a good job, go to school, and am a single parent. it is meant for people like me and "worker" that are on it. so don't assume that people dont have jobs. how dare you! i hope you dont need anyone's help. other then that ass tax payer advocate this was very helpful!

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