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Can you get sick from bad fruit? Like a mango?

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it is very possible b/c fruit can contain bacteria as well that can make us sick.

Food poisoning is usually associated with meat, but 5% of outbreaks are attributed to fruits and vegetables (ref. U.S. Centres for Disease Control). The main source of contamination is from fertilizer derived from animal faeces (eg. manure). Since many vegetables and fruits are eaten raw, the bacteria in the soil clinging to the food do not get killed.

To safeguard against infection, be sure to refrigerate raw fruits, vegetables and salads, to keep bacteria from multiplying. Wash and peel fruit and mushrooms before eating. Wash raw vegetables well before use, preferably using a vegetable brush. Peel vegetables whenever possible.

Never prepare raw vegetables on a cutting board that has been used for raw meat. It is best to have two cutting boards - one for meat and one for vegetables. And be sure to wash your hands well after cleaning fruit and vegetables. (http://dgfc.ae/others/HICC/htmlfiles/food.htm    quoted from that site.

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